A Guide to Countertop Materials

custom kitchen remodelWhile the appearance of kitchen or bathroom countertops may seem like the most important aspect of your countertop purchase, think again. Not all countertops are created equally. Some require more maintenance than others, and others cost much more to install in a kitchen renovation. Since stone, wood, or eco-friendly countertops can last for several years, you may not get to change them out anytime soon. So, which type of countertop will be functional in your home while also giving you the look you want to achieve? Read More

Design Ideas for White Kitchens

custom kitchenBrightly colored kitchens may be popular, but white kitchens can be just as stunning and stylish. While the concept of white kitchens may sound bland, the results are anything but that. By adding thoughtful touches of colors, textures, or patterns, you can add character and style to white kitchens, while still maintaining an overall feeling of “white”. Here are a few design ideas to help you style your white kitchen. Read More

Sustainable Design Tips for Your Property

custom kitchen renovation

You can include sustainable design in your kitchen remodel by selecting energy efficient appliances and windows.

In order to increase energy efficiency and lower the utility costs associated with heating and cooling, custom builders are now making strides toward constructing homes with more sustainable design features incorporated into the structure. Many of the sustainable design ideas include the placement of energy-saving windows, installation of solar kits, and the use of green materials. By being aware of how a home’s energy usage can be affected by its window and door placements and sustainable design components, builders are getting a firmer grasp on sustainability.

In order to incorporate sustainability, it is helpful to think of the home as a type of system. In order to reduce energy consumption, you need to add installations and appliances to reduce energy loads. Over-sizing only worsens utility performance and adds to the expense of home ownership. The best way to enhance the efficiency of energy then is to concentrate on your house’s envelope, i.e. the attic, windows, doors, and walls. You can’t add energy-saving appliances until you take this approach. Read More

Safe Rooms and Shelters

Typically, people associate safe rooms and shelters with parts of the country that are vulnerable to tornadoes. While this is a compelling reason to have a shelter, it is not the only one. There are many reasons why safe rooms and shelters are useful in a variety of situations.

Storm Shelters

When you think of a storm shelter, you might think of a cellar or basement. While many shelters are underground, above ground shelters can be just as safe. Safe rooms, or above ground storm shelters are most often found on the ground floor of the home, and must be bolted to a steel-enforced concrete slab. Ideally, you will also install a steel reinforced door that can be taken off from the inside in the event that debris has piled up outside the doorway.

Safe Rooms

In additions to storms, earthquakes, and floods, safe rooms can also provide security in the case of attacks, riots, biological events and more. While you will most likely never need a safe room, knowing that you have one can provide some peace of mind. Read More

Wood Flooring 101

custom stone fireplace

When doing a home remodel, choose a wood floor that will complement your home for years to come.


Choosing wood flooring for your home can be an overwhelming task when building or remodeling your home. It’s a financial investment that will impact your home’s functionality and interior style for many years. With so many possibilities, how do you decide which type of flooring is the best fit for your home and lifestyle?

Solid Wood

Solid wood flooring is made from Read More

Ways to Use Concrete in your Home Remodel

Concrete has always played a major part in many aspects of construction and home remodels, largely for things such as basements, warehouses, patios, and driveways. However, concrete is not just reserved for the standard uses anymore. There are several other creative ways you can use concrete in your home remodel.

Sleek Concrete Countertops

Your kitchen or bathroom countertops can get a whole new look with the use of concrete, and they are fairly easy to have fabricated. The best part about creating a concrete countertop is that you can dye the concrete and even create designs within the concrete by using “inlays”. Read More

Ideas for Bathroom Remodels

You might not realize how often your bathroom is used until you start to consider bathroom remodels, and discover all of the interesting and fashionable options for updating your space. From stylish dual vanities to trendy heated floors and towel warmers, there are opportunities on every wall of your bathroom to improve the usability, as well as its style.


custom powder room remodelWhether you spend 5 minutes or 50 minutes in front of the mirror in the morning getting ready, you will appreciate a vanity with a well-placed mirror, faucets with convenient levers, and enough space to house your toiletries while you’re getting ready. Rustic bathroom remodels might benefit from a wood vanity. Modern bathroom remodels might look best with sleek marble countertops and futuristic drawers with glossy marble hardware. Read More

5 Kitchen Design Trends

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 4.02.39 PM

Go for the wood look with furniture-style cabinetry. Photo via Houzz. Design by Greg Natale.

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen after the holidays? The newest 2015 trends are calling for a refreshing open atmosphere from design with a classic wood approach, to an open, minimalist look. Consider the hottest 5 kitchen design trends to help you get the most out of your remodeling project. Read More

Just In Case: Emergency Preparedness Tips

Stone Ridge Emergency TipsLife has a way of coming at you with the unexpected. For this reason, it is important to be ready for any situation. These emergency preparedness tips can help you handle all types of household emergencies.

Electricity Issues

If you are experiencing any type of problem with your electricity, there are a few emergency preparedness steps that you can take to minimize the damage. You should keep televisions, appliances, and computers turned completely off until you are sure that the problem is resolved.

In the case of a complete power outage, having easily accessible emergency candles and matches or lighters can prevent injury in a dark home. Having flashlights and other battery powered lighting stored throughout your home is also a good idea. Remove everything from both your refrigerator and freezer, and leave the doors open so it can thaw without growing mold or mildew. Read More

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Will Love

custom kitchen renovationSometimes, the true beauty of interior design can be found in the framework. It’s one of those scenarios where the masterpiece can only be crafted from the best canvas. If you think of the backsplash as the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous kitchen or bathroom, then you are onto a solid path of fantastic backsplash ideas.

There is little doubt that a backsplash is practical. It helps safeguard walls and makes for easier cleaning. However, when chosen well, a backsplash can also be irresistibly riveting. If you’ve been looking for the perfect backsplash to infuse a space with both purpose and beauty, here are a few backsplash ideas that you will love. Read More