Renovation Contractors

The Stone Ridge Group of West Texas

The Stone Ridge Group is a 2nd generation, family owned and operated business based on strong values. We pride ourselves as the best renovation contractors in Lubbock and by promoting our customer needs and wants above everything else. This results in a way of doing business that harkens back to a work ethic and value system of the “Old World” many of our ancestors had.

Very few of the old world builders earned the title of ‘Master Builder”. Their penchant or striving for getting everything exactly right is the reason that many of their structures are still around today.

In West Texas, when you’re looking for renovation contractors just as interested in what you want to achieve as you are, then The Stone Ridge Group is the right choice in a remodeling services contractor. We are obsessed with the details and getting them right the first time. We don’t mind helping with your design decisions and the right product selections to best meet your needs and the specific application.

Just as important as the ‘details’ had to be with “Master Builders” in the Old World, the details are still what drives projects to be successful today.

Renovation Contractors – It’s All About the Details!

According to Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition, another word for “meticulous” is “picky”, and one of the definitions is, “fussy about the small details”. We are “picky” about everything.

The Stone Ridge Group are the renovation contractors of choice for people who consider themselves “picky”… we are too! We’re not going to be the fastest contractor and we’re not going to be the cheapest…but based on our past clients’ feedback we are the best around, and we like that added to our name.

Many methods of construction have been modernized and today there are thousands of materials and products available today that weren’t even thought of in those times. Yet, even today, there are builders and home remodelers that don’t have the experience to know which products are the right product in certain situations.

A great product, used incorrectly or for the wrong application, is still a mistake.

Put The Stone Ridge Group’s renovation contractors experience and expertise to work and you won’t have to deal with others’ mistakes!